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Zuleta Lady Ecuador

Emerging from the native woodlands as we ride out of the valley leaving the adobe houses below us, we startle the goats and sheep grazing contentedly on the common land. Then we spy the shepherdess sitting quietly embroidering beautiful flowers on white linen, her legs folded under her bright pleated skirt, her blouse embroidered with the intricate designs that have made these highlands famous. Further along the trail, we stop off at a local’s thatched cottage, curious to understand the way of life of these content and dignified small-holders. Riding on, we arrive at a hamlet where we will spend a night or two -in delightful individual cottages, a very successful community project. Time to simply relax in the tranquil Andean surroundings, inspect the embroidered linens more closely, visit their medicinal plant garden or learn some recipes while helping bake the bread and prepare the delicious traditional dishes offered to us at each mealtime. Downtime that riders can fill – or leave as empty- as they wish, submersed in the Andean way of life.

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