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Volunteer with horses at Ride Andes in Ecuador


A fantastic opportunity to volunteer for an established horse riding tours company, Ride Andes, in Ecuador. Our horse riding farm is located about 30 minutes NE of the city of Cayambe and has a breathtaking view. We currently have 15 horses (unstabled) and two dogs. For 15 years, Ride Andes has run thanks to the help of amazing volunteers through our work exchange program. You will stay on the farm in an idyllic location, helping us to care for our animals and property in exchange for room and board, with the potential to earn a salary for those who stay longer and/or have the right skills sets!
We currently have two “types” of volunteers that we are searching for:

  • A riding volunteer

  • A house/dog sitting/eco-project volunteer.


“I had the incredible opportunity of being a volunteer for Ride Andes in Ecuador. It was magical to be able to wake up to this every morning. The work is hard but very rewarding, the tours are an adventure, and the people you meet become friends for life.” Carla 2020
"Thank you so much for a truly memorable and wonderful experience with Ride Andes." Claire 2017
“An amazing opportunity to live and work in a stunning location in the heart of rural Ecuador” Belinda Dec. 2016.

For details and further information, please get in touch at  

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