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About us

In 1996 the coin landed on ‘heads’; heads was Ecuador. After a glorious holiday -completely taken by the country, I left my life in Paris and moved out to Ecuador. First working with the horses at an historic Hacienda turned into a country hotel then for a new travel company offering tours in several South American countries, I then set up ‘Ride Andes’.


The objective: use the best possible, healthy & happy horses in each area. Work alongside the fascinating local horsemen and give this dying breed as much work as possible.  


Almost 25 years after leading my first riding tour, I feel that the mission has been accomplished. Working alongside incredible teams of like-minded horsemen in six different countries, Ride Andes offers the most incredible riding routes always on board excellent, well cared for horses.

Meet the team

The Horses

Palomo had a very slow start with us. He was bought as a youngster and had already been worked much too hard. However, after plenty of rest, and a slow start on his training we are really starting to work and ride him more. He is loving the work and is responding very well! Palomo is giving the volunteers and guest lots of joy here in Ecuador.


Our tallest horse, is part thoroughbred and took some time to develop. But the schooling paid off and this pretty boy is now a firm favourite.


The first horse that Sally bred in Ecuador (by accident!! - do ask for the full story). An incredibly bold lead horse that Sally often takes when she is exploring new routes.


He was previously a roping horse. He's good on his feet, easy to ride

and is now basically retired from our tough rides. He is 30 years old and gives tiny children occasional riding lessons alongside Gitano (29 years old) and General Pintag.


A very gentle character with an incredibly smooth canter. But don't ever eat a banana near him - he will be sure to steal it!

The People

Started her horse trekking business in 1996, after visiting Ecuador and falling in love with the colorful local culture and magnificent scenery. She is passionate about her 15 horses and her two rescue dogs, Stanley and Erica. Based in Ecuador, Sally still guides many of the Ecuador rides and each year usually guides several tours in the other destinations.


Our resident lasso teacher! A real life 'chagra', Cesar has his own animals and land and is one of our local horsemen. He has been working with us for almost ten years. The poncho isn't for show! This is the typical and very practical dress of the chagras.


A very experienced Ecuadorian guide, accompanies a lot of our guests while they are not on a horse. Guests particularly appreciate his knowledge and very safe driving.


This is the Brazil Pantanal guide, he is riding a horse called Mayonnaise. Daniel was born and brought up in the Pantanal, where we offer private rides and set date departures. This region is fascinating and teeming with wildlife and Daniel is passionate and very knowledgeable. Great rider, been guiding for many years.


Has been selecting and training horses for the Ride Andes tours in Uruguay for many years now, he accompanies us on the rides. As well as training horses, he makes his own tack, shoes the horses and guests watch him in awe as he arrives and departs with a string of horses. He is also an excellent cook (as long as it involves 100% meat!)


Chalas in his new office! He was meant to be a lawyer but shortly after starting his career in an eminent Bogota lawyer's office, he walked away. Luckily for us, he followed his real passion: spending as much time as humanly possible the saddle. He guides rides for us with great
professionalism and a lot of fun.


 “We have ridden horses all over the world and Sally's horses rank #1.  We have also traveled quite a bit and have been drawn back to Ecuador for a third time - it is indeed a special place.   So.... if you are looking for a fabulous riding vacation in an under-rated spot, we highly recommend Ride Andes Ecuador."

Kris and Larry

Multiple rides - Ecuador 2015-2020

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