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Below we share what we are doing as a business to reduce our impacts and our friendly suggestions to you to reduce yours, day to day, especially while travelling.


We ride in many beautiful remote, and pristine areas, and we want to do our part to keep them that way.


What we are doing to be a sustainable and environmentally responsible business: 

Tree Planting - native trees on our property at our home base in Ecuador.


Ride don’t drive – we ride horses between properties and into town when possible.


Rain Collection systems - we have set up rain collection systems.


Buy Local - for home base and for guest picnics.


Reduce Plastic Waste - everywhere we can, every time we shop.  


Veggie based diet - we live a highly vegetable based diet at the farm.


Reuse/Repurpose – Sally is the queen of repurposing! All plastic bottles/bags.


Cold water - we wash our clothes (and whatever else we can).


PLEASE NOTE: hygiene is very important to us.

Encourage Reusable Water Bottles - we purchase large containers of purified water that guests can use to fill up their own reusable bottle.


Compost - composting all of our organic kitchen and yard waste.

Low Equipment use - a lot of the work down around the farm is done by hand or by horse.


No garbage burning - a common practice in rural Ecuador, we avoid burning of garbage.

Spreading knowledge - we share many of our sustainable practices with the locals and help them to also reduce their impact.

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