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Wine Tours Amongst Uruguay’s Beautiful Vineyards

Recently, Uruguay announced its plans to open its borders to international travellers on 1st Nov.

Good tidings for riders searching for sunshine during winter months elsewhere.

For those interested, we can complement our riding tours through the coastal Rocha region with wine-tasting excursions of the Canelones and Maldonado provinces. Canelones is close to Montevideo and Maldonado sits between Montevideo and our riding area. Day or multi-day tours are on offer -staying at a gorgeous vineyard- and there is even an option of riding between wineries!

In the 1870s, Pascual Harrague brought grapes from the Basque region of France to Uruguay, starting a winemaking tradition that put the country on the map in the years that followed.

Today, Uruguay produces more Tannat wines than the French town of Madiran, where the grape originated. Uruguay’s pleasant coastal climate offers growing conditions often compared to Bordeaux. A brilliant mix of just enough rain and sunshine that brings out the full flavour of the grapes.

Uruguay’s wine makers balance the bold flavour of the Tannat grape with Pinot Noir and Merlot grapes. Blackberry, black cherry, plum, and a subtle smoky taste give the wines their piquancy.

Canelones is the country’s oldest wine region where you can visit family wineries and savour their specialities. A great introduction to an area that still flies under the radar on the international wine scene. It is close to the capital of Montevideo, making it a fun day trip before or after a riding adventure.

The conditions around Maldonado on the coast bring a fresh taste to the Tannat wines made here. Sandy soil and a cooler climate combine to bring out an aromatic quality and slightly more acidic taste to the varietals. We can arrange a one or several day tour of the vineyards, splitting time between riding (optional), exploring vineyards, and enjoying the wine-makers’ hospitality at the end of the day.

For more information about our horseback riding tours of Uruguay and the extensions that we can arrange in this country and others in South America, please contact us.

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