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Wild Horses of Cotopaxi National Park

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

The Wild Horses of Cotopaxi are one of the favorite sights among guests over the years. As we navigate the remote wilderness between cozy haciendas, we may come across them when you least expect it.

Parque Nacional Cotopaxi is a 33,393 hectare park named after its volcano, Cotopaxi, which reaches heights of 5.897 metres above sea level – dominating the skyline. Here, you can find expanses of open space just perfect for canters alongside the herds of wild horses.

The horses we know today are not native to the Americas, but were brought over by the Europeans. In Ecuador’s case, horses arrived in the early 1500s with the Spanish. Once Haciendas began to expand around the park, little by little some horses escaped in this vast area forming herds and never to be found. Over time, populations of wild horses began to grow, until multiple herds could be found stretched out across the back country. The descendants of these runaways are what we see in and around the park today on Ride Andes routes.

Seeing wild horses is something many people do not expect when they come to Ecuador, and it is a real thrill. It can be especially exciting when we canter alongside them, as free as the wind.

Ask us about which tours take us through the park, and our knowledgeable guides can tell you even more about the wild horses and more of the wildlife that is to be found here.

At Ride Andes we pride ourselves on our incredible riding tours but we also offer a huge range of other activities in our riding areas and can plan all your trip extensions. We encourage you to bring your “non-rider” friends and family and we can set them up with “extensions” for the entire trip while you are off riding. Contact us for more information.

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