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Visiting the Galapagos Islands-A Break from the Beaten Path

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Photos by @jpverdesoto

An ideal time to get to know Darwin’s Islands! Exploring the Galapagos Islands takes on a new meaning in today’s world. On land and in the sea the wildlife is thriving and, with lower numbers of people travelling plus incredible deals, this unique paradise has never been more appealing.

Travel to the remote archipelago is safe because of the existing and new protocols put into place by the Galapagos National Park, the Ecuadorian government, hotels and tour operators.

The whole island population (30,000) has been vaccinated to date! To reach the islands you fly from Quito or Guayaquil, where getting on a plane requires a negative Covid test taken no more than 3 days prior to arriving in the Galapagos, regardless of vaccination status.

Each operator in the Islands has their own additional policy for safe travel once there. Since reopening for tourism in July, boats have implemented routes that avoid stopping at the populated islands, and land-based camps have chosen to open their doors, with caution, only to groups traveling together.

This summer more vessels have resumed operations with certain requirements in place, such as proof of vaccination for both staff and guests. Revolving work schedules overlap with frequent Covid tests to ensure that all involved are protected during a voyage. Hotels and land trips also have adopted new protocols, using secluded locations on Isabela, Santa Cruz, Floreana, and San Cristobal Islands to create ‘bubbles’ for day trips for their guests.

The animals of the Islands are out in full force. On land, sea lions greet visitors on the beaches of most of the islands year round. In the water, humpback whales and whale sharks visit in the dry season – there is always a lot to observe! Galapagos Penguins migrate from the western to the eastern islands depending on the water temperatures.

With the Galapagos population already vaccinated, cruises starting again, and the procedures in place to keep travellers safe, visiting the islands is again a benefit to both those who travel and those who call the archipelago home.

Please contact us using our office email or Whatsapp for information about the extensions to the Galapagos Islands that we would be delighted to help you arrange and also to hear about other mainland destinations in Ecuador where you can visit while in the country.

Please note-All information included above is up-to-date at the time of writing. Please check with the relevant authorities, airlines, and travel agents to confirm the formalities before booking travel.

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