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Things are looking up – just in time to join the traditional Celebrations!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Sugary bread dolls and ‘Colada Morada’ in copious quantities for us as we join the traditional celebrations at the end of the month and can also celebrate brighter days on the way.

Things are looking up in Ecuador with groups planning to come and ride with us in November plus several volunteers arriving very shortly. The country eased travel restrictions a few weeks ago and we have everything in place for guests (please see Covid-19 update for more specifics – or send us any questions).

We also hear that Uruguay opening its borders is imminent – just in time to gallop along the sun-drenched beaches as the spring weather takes hold.

Now back to the all important food and drink!

‘Colorada Morada’, a thick purple coloured drink, is served hot and starts appearing alongside ‘Guaguas de Pan’ just before All Souls Day – 2nd November. ‘Guaguas de Pan’ are bread dolls that are sweet and brightly decorated with icing; they symbolize people’s loved ones who have passed away.

On the actual All Souls Day, for centuries, Andean families have been congregating in the cemeteries to spend a joyous day with their deceased relatives -taking along the favourite foods of those passed away. It is often a raucous affair, children playing hide and seek behind gravestones and as is always necessary with Latino gatherings, the volume is turned up to extra loud!

Colada Morada is made from plants found in the Andes and Amazon such as lemon grass, cedrón (lemon verbena), ‘arrayán’ and ‘ataco’, anise, cinnamon and purple maize corn. Each matriarch has handed down her own special recipe and when the Spanish arrived they contributed some of the fruits they brought with them, notably strawberries and blackberries.

Annual competitions are held to choose the best ‘Guaguas de Pan’ and ‘Colada Morada’, but I have already put my order in with a local family! I will also add a little local firewater to our celebrations – my Ecuadorean workers really deserve it having been so supportive since March. I might avoid the firewater – this hooch really has earnt its name!

We look forward to more opportunities to show our guests the wonderful traditions and highlights of Ecuador in the near future. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information on our tours, the precautions in place for safety, and new additions to our roster of activities both on and off a horse!

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