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The Mountain Tanager

Photo by Charlie Vogt

Another example of beautiful birds in the Andes is the Blue-Winged Mountain Tanager (Anisognathus somptuosus), which is one we often see on our rides. It is a beautiful bird, and is actually ranked in the top 10 tanagers in terms of fancy plumage, according to a Cornell study carried out to see if birds could have both beautiful songs and beautiful coloration. And contrary to old belief, it turns out they can! Check this article for more information:

Photo by Roger Ahlman

While you ride to your hearts content, we can set ‘non-riders’ up with all sorts of activities, meeting up again each evening at the stunning lodges.

After the ride, why not join up with non-riding friends and family and head off with one of our drivers on a specially designed bird-spotting road trip? A specialist guide can also accompany you and explain more about each of the many bird species you will meet along the way. You set the itinerary, style of the trip and the pace – contact us and let’s start planning!

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