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The Legendary Gaucho

Riding the open grasslands in flat brimmed hats and ponchos that double as blankets, the gaucho is an iconic part of the cultural landscape of Uruguay. So why not join us in Uruguay alongside the gauchos and live the legend?

Unbridled, nomadic, independent and mysterious, the brilliant horsemen capture the windswept spirit of the country. These stoic heroes of the plains are a warm and welcoming part of the romance of horseback riding trips of Uruguay with Ride Andes.

Wandering minstrels and deft guides who live off the land and make their own exquisite tack, gauchos and their traditions are an essential piece of the puzzle when trying to paint a picture of Uruguay’s present day culture.

“I recollect seeing a Gaucho riding a very stubborn horse, which three times successively reared so high as to fall backwards with great violence. The man judged with uncommon coolness the proper moment for slipping off, not an instant before or after the right time; and as soon as the horse got up, the man jumped on his back, and at last they started at a gallop.”-Charles Darwin

Often considered rogues who consider themselves above the law, the gauchos are a genuine find, adding to the adventure of our Uruguay rides.

Practical advice while en route, fun company at the end of the day, and experienced hands at adapting to unknown landscapes are just a few of the qualities that gauchos possess which make each of our trips exceptional.

True to form, these tried and trusted horsefolk offer new opportunities to learn a different set of skills on a horse. For information about the horseback riding tours in Uruguay that Ride Andes has offered since 2003 – fixed date and also private tours created around your interests, please get in touch at your leisure.

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