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The Fascinating Natural World of Cabo Polonio

The Varied Inhabitants of Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

The little coastal village perched on Cabo Polonio point and the surrounding Cabo Polonio National Park combine to form an ideal location for those that want to get off the beaten path and come across some of Uruguay’s interesting fauna. Many of Ride Andes’ horseback riding tours in Uruguay stop at the out of the ordinary village after a fun ride through the remarkable sand dunes of the park. Creatures found within the park borders include sea lions, the Darwin frog, and the black neck swan.

South American Sea Lions

Scientific Name-Otaria flavescens

Fun Facts

One of the largest colonies of sea lions in South America is located on the Cabo Polonio peninsula below the lighthouse. Its tower is a great place to see the colony and the surrounding seascape.

Breeding season is in the summer months of December to April with pups being born the following February

Darwin Frog

Scientific Name- Rhinoderma darwinii

Fun Facts

Male frogs swallow tadpoles after they hatch, letting them grow into frogs safely in his vocal sack!

Discovered by Charles Darwin in Chile, the southern Darwin frog is endangered therefore carefully protected in Uruguay.

B lack-Necked Swan

Scientific Name- Cygnus melanocoryphus

Fun Facts

The largest population of black-necked swans is found in Uruguay.

The black-necked swan is the largest waterfowl native to South America

Black-necked swans can fly at speeds of up to 80 kph (50 miles per hour).

For information about the horseback riding tours in Uruguay that Ride Andes has offered since 2003 – fixed date and also private tours created around your interests, please get in touch at your leisure.

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