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Regenerative tourism – for Ride Andes, more than just a buzzword

It is likely that you have heard a lot about sustainable tourism - based on the idea that tourism should not do any harm to a place.

This movement encouraged companies and travellers not to damage areas in which tourism occurred but, like others, Ride Andes did not feel that it was enough.

Regenerative tourism is the idea that we should actually use tourism to help make a place better than we found it in. For example, instead of ‘just’ not destroying more habitat in an area with a lot of wildlife, we can use tourism as a means to fund the regeneration and bettering of that habitat and allow wildlife to increase in numbers.

Because too many places have been so degraded by human activities, just making sure tourism does no more damage no longer seems good enough. As businesses and consumers we have the responsibility to give back to both the communities and the ecosystems that grant us such awe-inspiring experiences. Another advantage is the positive cycle that regenerative tourism sets into motion: because a healthier environment and happier people makes a place even better for tourism, which makes for more regenerative tourism there, and more funds to keep bettering the place; the cycle -the positive ‘loop of progress’- is underway.

Where do we come in? Ride Andes with its unique horseback riding adventures believes strongly in working alongside our community and helping to better the areas we journey through. By using local guides, by staying in locally owned and operated lodgings and carrying out activities in communities around us, by sourcing our supplies locally… we are putting money into these systems as well as developing a positive attitude towards tourism with local people, which is another important piece to this movement.

Often, a lot of work into educating and training members of the local communities is necessary so they are prepared and understand how to provide visitors with services and home produced goods and also how to host our guests all the while respecting and improving the surrounding ecosystems – a win, win situation.

As well, by donating to local charities and carrying out animal welfare education activities, we are helping to improve the lives of both domesticated and wild animals that greatly enrich our lives.

Ride Andes exceptional experiences is excited to see the regenerative tourism movement taking place, and we are continually attempting to do what we can to be part of making the world a better place through our business.

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