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Patagonia on Horseback: From Lupin Meadows to Glacier Views

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horseback riding patagonia

"Do you hear that roar? That is the sound of ice falling, not thunder!" We're close to the magnificent 'El Tronador' mountain in Patagonia where, with eight glaciers leading off the peak, ice regularly falls sending rumbling noises down through the valleys below. Yet, the thrill remains with every cascade of ice! Riding on, we emerge from the ancient forests and are greeted by breath taking views and we actually witness ice breaking off a hanging glacier. A mind-blowing experience!

We're on a unique Ride Andes Argentina horse riding tour in Nahuel National Park, northern Patagonia. The journey leads us through lupin-filled meadows, across rivers, and past waterfalls. As we ride up to ridges high above the valley floor, we are rewarded with stunning views of Andean peaks reaching to the horizon. Since it's springtime, we navigate patches of glistening snow not yet melted away.

Later in the week, enjoying a siesta after a delicious 'asado' lunch while riding to another lodge, we chat about the incredibly varied sights; no-one had imagined that we would be riding through such beautiful native forests nor how impactful the views of the glaciers and their lakes below would be.

All agree: photos just cannot capture the beauty we see. There is also great admiration for the horses as, despite the long rides and challenging terrain, the local horses are unphased and carry us safely across rivers and down narrow woodland paths. Those that own horses, mention that they are really appreciating the luxury of riding without having to do all the chores and preparation – a real holiday!

Each evening, on our arrival, excellent Argentine wines in front of a roaring log fire await and a delicious dinner. The Argentine hospitality ensures a great night’s sleep and everyone is eager for the next day’s adventure.

Ride Andes offers two set date annual departures (November and in March). Private trips can also be arranged. Participants meet in Buenos Aires; assistance is given with all travel plans including pre and post ride ‘add-ons’. Contact us to start planning your trip!

horse riding patagonia

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