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Nuema-One Restaurant’s Revealing take on Ecuadorian Food

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

photo by @jpverdesoto

For foodies, Quito’s vibrant restaurant scene brings a storied variety of chef-driven restaurants that add just the right flavour to urban adventures across the city. At the top of many lists including “The 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America,” is Nuema.

Located in the Illa Experience Hotel on a quiet street in the historic centre, Nuema has deep roots in the culinary culture of Latin America. Chef Alejandro Chamorro honed his skills working in Peru for famed chef Gaston Acurio of Astrid & Gastón.

Working together with his wife Pía Salazar, the team reimagines traditional Ecuadorian recipes into plates where local ingredients act as the catalyst that fuels the small kitchen’s creativity.

photo by @jpverdesoto

Everything on the tasting menu tells a story. Fresh langoustine from the coast is delivered from a select group of local fishermen and served whole with black truffles, coconut, and radish.

Tucupi, a byproduct of bitter manioc from the Amazon, finds its way into a surprising flavour-infused sauce alongside a slow roasted suckling pig, a specialty of the Andes.

Pía Salazar’s talent as a pastry chef comes across in dishes like a Tocte Tart -made with an Andean walnut that grows in the highland provinces and her ingenious use of local fruits. Her creation of tree tomatoes combined with cream and the famed, rich Ecuadorian chocolate keeps the tastebuds ‘jumping’ right through to dessert.

Overlooking the churches and plazas of Quito, Nuema’s intimacy lends itself to evenings discovering the intricacies of the culture through its food. The chefs make a point to talk to their patrons, explaining the subtleties of their dishes and giving those that dine here a new perspective of the country.

Elsewhere in Quito are sister restaurants Urko and Anker, where the exceptional chef and team use seasonal ingredients to create innovative menus that add new twists to fine dining.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our favourite places to explore in Quito and further afield, with many options on offer in the slow lane, the fast lane or the food lane!

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