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Marine Life of Rocha Uruguay

The Astonishing Marine Life of Rocha, Uruguay

Horse riding trips through Uruguay’s Rocha province take you along pristine beaches, past ship wrecks, and to seaside villages where there is a refreshing take on the day: if you caste your eyes out to sea the waters offshore host a myriad of ocean life.

The warm Brazilian current and the cool Malvinas current from the Falklands create a rich eco-system that draws creatures from far and wide. Spring, summer, and fall-between October and April- are ideal times for spotting marine life.

Southern Right Whales

Scientific Name- Eubalaena australis

Fun Facts

· Brazil and Uruguay have worked together to protect Southern Right Whale nurseries, a fruitful effort that resulted in a population now considered to be healthy, with 10,000 worldwide today.

· Each year, the whales make a migratory trip from Antarctica to the warmer waters off the coast of Uruguay to feed, breed and nurture their calves.

· It’s been discovered that mothers communicate with calves in ‘whispers,’ to steer them towards shallow waters and avoid attacks by killer whales.

When to See Them- October and November

Where to See Them- Punta del Diablo, Cabo Polonio (on our riding routes)

Bottlenose Dolphins

Scientific Name-Tursiops truncatus

Fun Facts

· Around 60% of the dolphins in Uruguay are permanent residents, often seen in groups of five surfacing for air in the bays.

· Their communication consists of three main categories of sounds: whistles, echolocation clicks and burst-pulse sounds. Each dolphin has a unique whistle and uses clicks and burst-pulse sounds to locate and narrow in on food sources.

· Bottlenose dolphins are fast swimmers-capable of speeds up to 29 KPH (18 MPH).

When to See Them-Year Round

Where to See Them- La Coronilla, Cerro Verde and Cabo Polonio (on our riding routes).

Green Sea Turtles

Scientific Name-Chelonia mydas

Fun Facts

· Green sea turtles can travel up to 2,600 kilometres (1600 miles) from their feeding ground to breeding grounds.

· The green turtle is the second largest of all sea turtles and the largest species of hard-shelled turtles.

· Female green sea turtles return to the same beach where they were born in order to nest.

When to See Them-November to April

Where to See Them-La Paloma, Punta del Diablo, Santa Teresa National Park (on our riding routes).

For more information about the private and set date tours that Ride Andes offers on the Rocha coast in Uruguay and the activities that we are happy to arrange off the trail, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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