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Jaguars in Brazil

Brazil’s Pantanal, the largest wetland in the world, has the highest density of jaguars found anywhere else. While not guaranteed, many of our clients have seen these elegant creatures while riding in the wild reaches of our route.

Visiting during the dry season from September to December increases the chances of seeing a jaguar. They come out from under cover more often to gather around water sources, and the thinning foliage makes them easier to spot.

Seeing jaguars in the wild is an astonishing site. Found hunting both in and out of the water on the banks of waterways, the majestic cats’ territory includes the areas close to our accommodation during the 8-day Pantanal Paradise Ride.

Our trips take you away from the beaten path, along routes where macaws fly overhead, monkeys travel in groups through the trees, and caiman are a favourite snack for jaguars. Unlike other species of cats, jaguars are swift swimmers! An intriguing trait for guests who take boat tours during free time in the wetlands.

Other fun facts about Brazil’s jaguars are that they are agile climbers, caught on film hanging from tree branches; and make daytime appearances in the Pantanal-a departure from the nocturnal behavior found elsewhere.

To find out more about discovering the mysterious creatures of Brazil’s Pantanal and the places we visit during this ride, take a look at ‘Our Journeys,’ and send us a note or give us a call.

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