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It´s all about the horse!

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Eric (the horse) is working out how to end up with the bread but no fingers!

The little boy will soon be riding with us – we have a selection of adorable child-friendly horses in all of our destinations. Eric is a fine example of our trusty steeds: wonderful, even temperaments but equally up for some speed or for tackling some challenging terrain.

The various South American Criollo horses we ride in each destination are ideally suited to the terrain and are made for riding tours! We select horses very carefully for each rider depending on their experience -or lack of-and what people are looking for in a ride. You can even let us know what colour horse you would like (minimum 48 hours in advance so that the paint can dry)!

Over the years, families have returned to ride with us again and again, delighted that we find the right horse for each person and also alternative activities for those that wish to ride little or not at all thus ensuring a successful family holiday. Family members have left the riders in order to scale Cotopaxi Volcano or mountain bike around its base or select a more genteel flora & fauna walk with a biologist.

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