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Hummingbird Paradise!

Photos by: Kirstynn Joseph

Ecuador, mini in size and mega in endemic species, thoroughly deserves its “biodiversity hotspot” title.

The diversity in mammals, in insects, in birds, and in flora is phenomenal! However, one of the groups that truly stands out is that of the hummingbird and whether on one of our riding tours or off on a side trip after the ride, our expert guides will take you to meet many of these feathered friends.

Ecuador is home to over half of all species of hummingbirds in the world! From the tops of the Andes, to the coast in the East or to the Amazon Rainforest in the West, you will find an incredible variety of hummingbirds.

Unique species such as the Sword-billed hummingbird (Ensifer ensifera) -the only bird to have a beak that is longer than their body - will delight you at one of the Haciendas we visit.

Even at high altitudes, where diversity is considered to be “lower” you can find incredible species such as the Shining Sunbeam hummingbird (Aglaeactis cupripennis) which is one of many species adapted to live in cooler temperatures – the guide will help you spot many more.

Hummingbirds mainly feed on flower nectar and the well-placed feeders at the lodges enable guests to breakfast alongside the hummingbirds!

These birds feed constantly, returning to the same flower. A good viewing spot, a bit of patience and some help from our expert photographer will mean a great photo opportunity. On a photography tour during our horseback riding experiences, in the evening at a historic hacienda, the guide will even show you how to best edit the photo.

Even in Quito, a charming capital city, we can help you find countless hummingbirds zooming around - such as this Sparkling Violetear (Colibri coruscans), photographed in Parque Carolina.

Along our rides, and at our various secluded accommodations, we are often gifted with sightings of wildlife – from these ‘mini’ birds to the massive Andean Condor. We also offer nature and birdwatching tours for before or after your ride, or for the entire trip for a non-rider that would like to join you but doesn’t want to ride.

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