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Exhilarating Adventure in the Andean Back Country! Guest review.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Story by : Lisa P.

In April 2021, little did I know that I was to embark on one of the most technical and memory enduring rides I have ever done. I have ridden all over the world, but never did I expect what I experienced.

The ride to a remote hamlet in the northern sierras of Ecuador entailed up and down 3 mountain trails, which at most, were 18 inches ( 46 cm) wide, mud, rock and boulders all included with steep inclines and declines. That is your technical part. Forever enduring, is that this is not a passive ride. You must not only trust your horse that knows these trails by heart, but you must be an active rider, balanced, to assist in this adventure. Calculating where you are going and your body position constantly, is your part to earn the right to this journey. Your hard work payoff is immense.

Counting active/dormant/extinct volcanos that frame the views, is a magnificent reminder of how Ecuador was formed. Looking up and seeing Orchids of every color and arrangement hanging from the tree branches reminds you that you have entered an area few people get to experience. Learning about the medicinal plants and how this tiny, isolated community lives off this wondrous land, is inspiring.

Then you are rewarded by earning the right to enter the settlement itself – a group of adobe huts and -slightly set apart- our brick-built lodge. The people are wonderful, their history is a story of centuries, and their commitment the little, isolated village, their home, is humbling.

This is a rare ride for the adventurous – absolutely unique. One, I will never forget.

Note from Ride Andes: conditions are particularly extreme in April, most of the year the ride in is less technical but the route in is only for the adventurous and can be tackled with our expert guides on foot, on mountain bikes or by horse.

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