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Classic Colombia Horseback Retreats and Ideas for Extensions

Our Colombia riding tours give you a genuine glimpse into the warmth, beauty and charming culture of a country that welcomes those in search of authentic escapes.

The signature horseback ride takes you on an in depth discovery of two amazing, distinct regions of Colombia, greatly enriched by our professional guides and the charming locals we meet along the way. The journey commences amongst the ‘jungly’ coffee, avocado and banana plantations as we ride Hacienda to Hacienda to the famous towering wax palms of the Cocora Valley. Then we move up a gear as the adventure continues along the lanes ranch to ranch: across the meadow-filled Andean valleys, then across the arid hills we approach the historic town of Villa De Leyva.

If this ten day tour is a little too long, then contact us to hear about separate, shorter coffee region or sierras itineraries.

Do leave time to kick back on a Caribbean beach or enjoy a fascinating cultural experience… tailor-made extensions galore for you before or after a ride put you a stone’s throw away from urban adventures in Medellín or Bogota, diving in turquoise waters near Cartagena, hiking in pristine national parks, and discovering sun-drenched islands that bring explorers from around the world to their shores. Here are some ideas to add to your trip list.


Colombia’s capital has culture to spare. Bogota’s art scene paints of picture of the country’s artists, from the larger-than-life works of Fernando Botero to the galleries of the San Felipe neighbourhood.

Elsewhere in the city, outdoor markets, quaint restaurants, and cafes overlooking the plazas that dot the city make finding fresh food a matter of choosing from a robust variety of options.

Bogota’s Botanic Garden is home to 20,000 plants from across the country. Wax palm trees we see in the coffee region sit alongside 5000 species of orchids amid ponds, modern glass greenhouses, and manicured gardens.


The City of Eternal Spring is a short flight from Bogota and well worth a stopover for its vibrance. Totally transformed from its former darker days, Medellin’s neighbourhoods such as El Poblado stand out for their food and drink; a visit to Comuna 13 gives an incredible insight into the unbelievable life of locals surviving the 1980s gang rule.


Cartagena’s colonial charm captures the imagination. Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez walked the cobblestone streets of the walled city for inspiration. Nearby beaches and the Rosario Islands balance the seemingly endless list of historic, cultural, and gastronomic destinations. Fun in the sun above and below the sea includes sailing and diving, Spanish Galleons with millions in gold still lie in these waters.

Trips up the coast to the Tayrona National Park reveal the natural wonders of the country. Beach, mountains, and jungle offer respite from the modern world with trails along the coast. Inland is the ancient Ciudad Perdida, an ancient settlement of 250 terraces dating back to 700AD.

Ride Andes overseas adventure tours in Colombia capture the heart of the country. The romance of riding the verdant hills of the coffee region, strolling historic streets of 17th century towns, and dining out in vibrant neighbourhoods bring a new sense of discovery to time away.

For more information about a classic horseback retreat in South America and the accompanying extensions we can arrange, please get in touch at your earliest convenience.

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