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Chile Argentina, Across the Andes, Patagonia. Guest Review

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Ride Andes is hopeful that by January 2022 we will be able to catch the end of the season and take you along the spectacular routes between Argentina and Chile, staying with inspiring pioneers along the way. If not, the new season will open 1st November 2022.

Looking back, here are some notes one rider sent me following the 14 day Patagonia ride she embarked on, from Argentina to Chile:

Hi Sally…

A favourite day is very hard to choose, there were so many special days. One wonderful day we had in Chile was the day we first swam the horses across a river. I had never done anything like this before and we did it twice that day. The horses seemed to take it all in their stride. They were untacked and taken in pairs to the edge of the river. With a rope on each horse to guide them and a Baquero in the boat with the boatman, they were encouraged into the river. They were really good swimmers and just climbed out the other side and shook off the loose water. It was a magical experience.

The most challenging day was maybe the day we were travelling to our first night in a house after camping (Argentina). There was a threat of snow in the morning as we set off, but fortunately this didn't materialise and I removed layers as the day went on- like peeling an onion!

It was a long day (8-9hrs) so we were all looking forward to a proper bed and a hot shower; when we did arrive in glorious sunshine, any tiredness was forgotten. We were so warmly greeted by the family and their farm was idyllic. It was set amongst pastures on the bend of a river with the mountains all around. Built from logs and with open fires inside I expected Goldilocks and the three bears to appear at any moment. We had a sumptuous tea with homemade cake and tea in china cups and that was before a delicious evening meal!

A very memorable occasion was when we rode into one of the few villages on the route. There were a couple of local men in their ponchos who stopped to chat to the guides. Even with my very limited Spanish I realised that the chap I was politely smiling at was looking for a wife!

But perhaps the most memorable moment was swimming at the end of The Universe. The water was really cold but the weather was beautiful. The river was called the Universe and we swam where it met another river, hence being able to swim at the end of the Universe!

I must say something about the incredible food: The most memorable meal was in Argentina while camping. It was the best steak I have ever tasted - cooked on an open fire beside a river running with clear clean water over beautiful pebbles.

We were really well fed at all the farms we stayed in - lovely homemade bread, jam, butter and cakes. There were always scrambled eggs for breakfast from the farm hens as well as fruit, bread ... Turkey for one evening meal - no food miles there and all home produced!

The local farms we stayed in were simple but lovely. Their charm came from their simplicity and their beautiful surroundings.

Everyone we met gave us such a warm welcome and we had lovely home grown and home cooked food. All had open fires or log burning stoves which were lovely and cosy on a chilly evening.

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