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A passionate Chile poet-Senator, what a combination!

Hispanic Heritage Month has drawn to a close and so we decided to write a piece on the great Pablo Neruda, whose poems have been influential worldwide and his work as a diplomat, Senator and close Presidential advisor in Chile also widely recognized.

This writer produced passionate verse that won him the Nobel Prize for Literature and also political manifestos that resulted in him having to flee Chile by horse, read on...

Neruda, who championed the people of the Atacama Desert as their representative in Chile’s congress, was forced to flee after the government decided he was a threat.

Neruda fled to a horse farm close to the Argentinian border where he learned how to ride -ready for his escape- and also wrote one of his greatest works- “Canto General”.

Two months later -riding lessons complete and a plan in place, Pablo undertook a journey on horseback that crossed both lakes and rivers to safety in Argentina, where he remained closely following the events in his homeland.

"The greatest poet of the 20th century in any language" was how the renowned Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez described Neruda, praise indeed.

Ride Andes takes our clients across the terrains that Neruda faced on his escape across the border. Our trips are designed for a different kind of journey but our highly qualified guides delight in sharing with guests the colourful history of South America and anecdotes about the great men and women of this continent.

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