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“… It gets an A+ rating - based on experiences with 16 other riding holidays on four continents over the past 17 years.” LB, Jan ’09. Ecuador, CH tour.


“Thank you for a FABULOUS holiday. I loved it ...Real highlights were definitely your horses, riding through the wetlands, those long, long canters on the beach.” HJ, Oct 08. Uruguay.


“We had a wonderful, fantastic trip! Our group loved every bit of it …The scenery is incredible, horses so well behaved and surefooted, farmstays warm friendly and great food! ” EW, Nov ’08. Across the Andes, Chile to Argentina.



‘I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the week riding with you. Your horses and staff were fabulous …’ Ecuador


‘…thank you for the great organization of the Uruguay trip… I had never enjoyed riding as much as I did during our ride.’


‘Our week in Ecuador exceeded expectations in every way. The horses were a perfect fit, the terrain was varied, and the sights along the way were striking…’ Ecuador


Surely , if at the end of a holiday you feel you could do it all over again without a second though or break, it's because it was just perfect… Everyday brought new adventures and spectacular scenery in this magic and remote area...’ Across the Andes


‘I had a fantastic vacation thanks in a large part to you well managed, professional but fun-loving outfit.’ Ecuador


‘Uruguay is an absolute gem. The lure of galloping along deserted sandy beaches caught my imagination and the reality was just as good. As well as glorious beaches, the ride takes in a variety of landscapes and activities, making no two days the same.


‘A truly magical experience, wonderfully trained, good looking, strong horses, beautiful Haciendas in stunning locations, plenty of good tasty food …this truly was a fantastic, exhilarating riding holiday.’ Ecuador




Horse Riding Holiday | Horseback Riding Vacations South America: Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay

Specialist horseback riding company offering horse riding vacations in South America. Riding safaris in Argentina, Chile to Argentina (Across the Andes), Ecuador & Uruguay

  • PRIVATE rides of any length, for all levels of riding ability
  • SET DATE departures, experienced riders only


ECUADOR , Andes rides. 8 & 11 day rides.
No more spaces available before the 15th March end of season.

The new season opens in June, with spaces on tours right through to December. Please request details.

ACROSS THE ANDES, Chile-Argentina. 6, 8 and 14 day options.
Tour options in March. New season then opens 1st November 2014 (season: November to March). Please request details.

URUGUAY, 8 day rides.
Tour options in March & April. Then the new season opens at the end of October. Please request details.


End of September 2014: CATTLE ROUNDUP in Ecuador, combining an action packed cattle drive and Cotopaxi Adventure itinerary in the high Andes. Please request further details. Very challenging ride, experienced riders only.

Ride Andes riding safaris - journeying on between the Haciendas & Estancias, ranches, inns & pioneers’ houses of the Andes & also along the Uruguayan coast.

*Private rides for all levels of riding ability.
*Set date rides (for experienced riders only, varying degrees of difficulty).
*Accompanied by bilingual guide & local horsemen.
*Ride options for all riding abilities, one or more days.
*Rides available suitable for families.
*Since 1996, British owned and run

"Overall it was an amazing week of riding on fit, healthy horses in stunning scenery and great accommodation and I would recommend Ride Andes to everyone of any riding ability with a love of Horses, Scenery and the Great Outdoors." (full quote on Andean Adventures page)

Emily, Ecuador COTOPAXI ADVENTURE RIDE, 7 days riding.

Ride Andes Animation 2012

Ride Andes

Ride Andes


ACROSS THE ANDES: Chile - Argentina.6,8 and14 day options

Next 8 day tour with space: 23rd November 2013. Next 14 day tour with space 7th December (a January & March departure also with space). 


5th-12th October, 8 days. Cotopaxi Adventure (7 days riding).

Waiting to confirm:

5th – 12th October, Colonial Haciendas, Ecuador (7 days riding).

14th - 21st December, Cotopaxi Adventure, Ecuador (7 days riding).

Private ride options of one or more days also available in Ecuador.


18th-25th September CATTLE ROUNDUP in Ecuador, combining the cattle drive and Cotopaxi Adventure itinerary in the high Andes.

5 riders already booked.

Please request details – EXPERIENCED, CONFIDENT riders only.

URUGUAY: private tours mid October to end of April.

Set date departure, 8 day tours now open: 12TH & 26TH October. 9th & 23rd November. (All 4 tours confirmed or with ‘serious’ inquiries.)

Holiday special 22nd-29th December, please request itinerary.

In Europe? Need to “de-rust”? Get some sun?

SPAIN, in the hills and cork forests of Andalucia short drive from Gibraltar & Malaga. TRIPS TWO TO SEVEN DAYS, private & set date departures.

SPACE ON UPCOMING TOURS IN ANDALUCÍA: New season dates- starting 10th September (earlier tours full), please request details. 


Join Karen in the Southern Andalucía– with views out over the Med. & Africa beyond, a LONG WEEKEND ride will make you will feel so removed from everyday life and the boss will hardly notice you gone with only one day off work! WEEK LONG ride options also available, private and set date departures.

TRIP ADVISOR, constantly the NUMBER ONE activity  http://www.tripadvisor.com.ar/Attraction_Review-g294308-d1454121-Reviews-RideAndes-Quito.html 

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“If this trip was priced by the number of times we heard "amazing" and "incredible" from the group, I never could have afforded to go. This is one of those, 100 trips to take before you leave this world. One word for the trip ....... ‘AMAZING’ “. Mark., ACROSS THE ANDES Chile to Argentina.

"I couldn’t have chosen a better tour, the horses were without a doubt the best schooled horses I have ever ridden, unbelievably receptive and disciplined yet extremely keen to go. I can’t recommend Ride Andes highly enough for both advanced and novice riders, Sally’s horses are a total credit to her dedication and hard work, they are genuine, hard working spirited animals who are a pleasure to ride amongst the breath taking scenery of Cotopaxi. I will most definitely be riding on one of Ride Andes tours again!" GM, Feb 2010. ECUADOR.

"LOVED IT, BRILLIANT, SUPERB, LIFE CHANGING etc etc etc etc. The guide was fabulous. She was extremely friendly and conscientious and did a sterling job. Nothing was too much trouble for her …the organisation was perfection. Couldn't fault anything on the trip at all. Many many thanks for organising such a fab holiday." CJ, URUGUAY, March 2010.

Ride Andes

Ride Andes

Ride Andes

Ride Andes

Ride Andes

RIDE ANDES:Since 1996 offering high quality horseback riding trips in the spectacular Andean Highlands of Ecuador, along the varying coastline of Uruguay & across the Andes from Chilean Patagonia to Argentina. Itineraries where guests move on each night and also options to stay in one or two locations.Set date departures & private rides for experienced riders.
Various private tour options catering for all levels of riding abilities.
Exceptionally well cared for horses: horses suitable for all levels of riding ability.
'Estancia' , 'Hacienda' (colonial manor farm) , ranch & camp accommodation to choose from.
Galapagos Islands, Peru & Amazon rain forest, Patagonia, Iguazu Falls & many other additional trips on offer.Many options to complement your riding tour including bird watching, walking, climbing & polo playing options as well as riding instruction.

A note from the English owner of Ride Andes:
When I first came to Ecuador I was completely taken aback by the sheer wildness and beauty of the Andean landscape. Although I had ridden all my life, in many countries round the world, I had never before experienced so many endless miles of open country set against such startling contrasts of scenery. So, in 1996 I moved from Europe to the equator to set up horse riding tours with accommodation options varying from the luxurious antique-filled manor houses (‘haciendas’) to more remote farmhouses and hostals giving riders a chance to discover the country's breathtaking natural beauty and remarkable cultural heritage on horseback.
Since then, a variety of tours have been added on, including along the coast in Uruguay and across the Andes from Chile to Argentina.
These unforgettable horseback journeys can be complemented with a wide range of extensions including the Galapagos Islands, Amazon rain forest, Patagonia, Iguazu Falls in order to create the perfect holiday itinerary in South America. So, please take a moment to look through our web site and do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. The 'Ride Andes' team looks forward to seeing you soon.

 Sally Vergette
Sally Vergette

Ride Andes

Ride Andes

Ride Andes

Ride Andes


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