British owned Ride Andes specializes in Latin American horse riding tours that follow the less-traveled routes, enabling you to become immersed in authentic South America, enjoy fantastic varied landscapes and great riding.

Operating since 1996, Ride Andes offers both scheduled and private horseback tours in Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina. We cater for every level of riding ability and all tours are in the company of skilled local horsemen.

Ride Andes is not just a 'sub-contractor'. Sally helped set up and test rides in every country where tours are offered. In most countries she was involved with buying all/some of the horses and leads tours regularly in all but the Chile rides (due to time constraints). 


  “ I just wanted to thank you for the amazing riding experience. I enjoyed every minute of it and your trip opened my eyes to seeing the world in a different way…On horses! Thanks for letting us join. You and Gaspar were great guides and Christian [local horseman] is just about the warmest person I've met in my life. Your team made the experience worthwhile.  … Cheers!” Andrew


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