Donation Distribution

Note from Daimon a volunteer, distributing Ride Andes donations & donations left by Ride Andes guests in Ecuador:

Thank you to all of you who left things with us to be donated to good causes.

You might remember Vicky and me. My name is Daimon and I am volunteering for Ride Andes. Vicky meets guests at the airport and takes guests on Quito city tours & to visit Quito landmarks.

Well, a few days ago, Vicky (a friend and colleague of Sally’s) and I arranged to distribute the fantastic collection of donations, accumulated over the past few months.

First, we went to a new hospital in Quito which specialises in cancer. There, we donated all the adult clothing.

Then, we visited a public children’s hospital in the heart of Quito, which admits kids from the poorest of backgrounds, from all over Ecuador. Alicia, who is in charge of donations at the hospital, was extremely grateful. She recently converted a storeroom on the ground floor of the hospital into a magical painted play area for children awaiting surgery and was delighted to receive more toys to add to the collection. We also donated some medical supplies. We were so impressed with the new play area that we took photos we will share in the shortest delays. Alicia will definitely need our continuing support.

I’d like to thank Vicky for her help and company on this heartwarming day.

And of course, thank you all again for your donations. You can be rest-assured that they have really made a difference.

Please feel free to contact Sally for details of local projects supported by Ride Andes and how you might be able to help.

Amongst others, RIDE ANDES has been helping to look after local horses. You can read about the two ponies kept by a riding centre for the disabled. This year as well as buying the horses’ worming paste, we paid for their remedial hoof work.