Lagoon Estancia Horse Ride, Uruguay

2 Days 


  • horse ride through the Castillos lagoon
  • see one of the only Ombú forests in the world
  • great wildlife spotting at this natural animal reserve


Located on the borders of the Castillos Lagoon, Guardia Del Monte has an outstanding landscaping beauty with important ecosystems such as the lagoon and the swamps with birds or the indigenous mount, where an important group of Ombú trees can be found. It has been declared as a natural animal reserve since 1996 and it is part of the “Humedales Del Este”, declared Biosphere Natural Reserve by the UNESCO. In the old main house of Guardia Del Monte, you will find rural comforts, big halls, cozy fireplaces and many corners where to feel in touch with nature. The warmth of Alicia, always with a friendly smile, will make you feel "at home".


The wetlands area and palm forests of Rocha offer an unforgettable backdrop to this horse riding tour. It is one of the prettiest areas in the Province of Rocha with outstanding landscape beauty, important ecosystems and a great variety of birds and native scrublands. We will have the opportunity to visit the forest of Ombúes; the Ombú curiously rarely grows in groups of more than 2 or 3 and the forest of Ombúes that we visit is possibly the only one in the world. Each tree has its own wonderful shape with thick, twisting roots spreading out over the ground some of which are over 500 years and have a diameter of 2 meters (6 feet). We will ride into the Castillos Lagoon, along the estancia fields and to the nearby unique palm groves; despite a number of stories, no one knows how the 300 year old palm trees got here. 


Please contact us for the latest rates. 

The price includes one night at the hacienda full board (3 delicious home cooked meals) and approx 4 hours of riding with a local gaucho (routes and length of horseback ride will be adapted to riding level).


There is also the option of extending the trip to visit  ‘Tres Lunas’ where guests can horse ride out daily across the farm and across the neighbouring properties, on a variety of day and half day horseback riding tours and also ride out with the gauchos helping with the cattle and sheep that graze the property or lending a hand with other farm tasks.  Please see Tres Lunas Eco Estancia for more details.