Dates at a glance...


FULL FLEXIBILITY: Tours can be arranged as Private Tours if the dates below, or the routes or the length of tour do not suit your itinerary, or you would like to ride as a group of friends/family.





6th January - 11th January                    Argentina - Andean Crossing Ride

7th January - 20th January                  Argentina - The Grand Crossing 

19th January - 26th January                Ecuador - Colonial Haciendas

19th January - 29th January                Ecuador - Volcanoes & Vistas

23rd January - 30th January               Argentina -  Puelo Ride

26th January - 2nd February               Ecuador - Colonial Haciendas

26th January - 2nd February               Ecuador - Andean Adventures



2nd February - 7th February               Argentina - Andean Crossing Ride

4th February - 17th February               Argentina - The Grand Crossing 

20th February - 2nd March                 Ecuador - Volcanoes & Vistas

23rd February - 2nd March                 Ecuador - Colonial Haciendas

23rd February - 2nd March                  Uruguay - Emerald Coast 

23rd February - 28th February            Argentina -  Andean Crossing Ride




4th March - 17th March                         Argentina - The Grand Crossing 

6th March  - 16th March                        Ecuador - Volcanoes & Vistas 

9th March - 16th March                         Ecuador - Colonial Haciendas

9th March - 16th March                         Ecuador - Andean Adventure

16th March - 23rd March                      Uruguay - Emerald Coast

23rd March - 29th March                     Argentina -  Huaso Trail



14th April - 21st April                             Ecuador - Colonial Haciendas 


May - Open for private groups



19th June - 29th June                           Ecuador - Volcanoes & Vistas

22nd June - 29th June                         Ecuador - Colonial Haciendas 



9th July - 15th July                                 Brazil - Pantanal 


5th-12th October Ecuador- Colonial Haciendas

20th October - 26th October               Brazil - Pantanal 

28th October – 2nd November Chile/Argentina - Andean Crossing Ride


2nd November - 9th November          Uruguay - Emerald Coast 

4th November – 17th November Argentina/ Chile-The Great Andes Crossing-The Great Andes Crossing

16th November - 23rd November        Uruguay - Emerald Coast 

23rd-30th November Ecuador- Andean Adventure


2nd December – 15th December Argentina/ Chile-The Great Andes Crossing