Due to the popularity of the wildlife rich Pantanal rides – one of the few routes that allow riders to journey on through the Pantanal- we have added some more dates for 2020.

Two rides are already full , but we have space on: 5th-12th June 2020, 14th-21st June 2020, 7th-14th September 2020, and 17th -24th October 2020.

Please check the tour introduction or itinerary  and please do contact us with any questions.

This tour, with the incredible wildlife viewing opportunities, is ideal for ‘non riders’ to come along.

Brazil Pantanal Safari, 8 Days

Brazil Pantanal Safari, 8 Days


Ride Andes designed a unique itinerary in 2013 journeying on through the Pantanal, staying at 3 different locations.


“We had a fantastic trip,  wonderful country – wonderful people, a really good break, a proper holiday.” Paul, 2017

“Thank you for a truly brilliant holiday - my heart is still on the Pantanal.” Eva, 2017