The Great Andes Crossing, 200 km from Argentina to Chile  

14 Days


  • look out for the mighty condor, eagles, foxes and deer
  • stay on a private island
  • horse ride through the magnificent Patagonian wilderness


A fascinating horseback riding adventure from the virgin steppes in Argentina to the Valdivian forests in Chile. A unique 14 days ride where Creole and Chilean horses will take you along estancias and fundos crossing endless pampas, green forests and clear rivers. Come and ride with the gauchos and its cultural diversity in only one spirit.


Day 1

Depending on your arrival flight, you will have the chance to explore the area and get great views from the Cerro Otto. Meet your guide for the holiday and full briefing for the following days.


Day 2

After an early breakfast, a minibus will take us to the starting point of the horse ride at Estancia Las Buitreras. We will start our ride and pass a place where Condor are nesting. We follow the river, Arroyo la Mina from where we will reach our first valley away from civilization. Approx 5 hrs horse riding.


Day 3 

Today we will enter the steep and high Andes Mountains.  It’s a good spot to watch condors, eagles, foxes and deer. Some nomad shepherds still spend time here. We will set up a great camp and hope for a clear night to look at the magnificent night sky. Approx 5 hrs horse riding.


Day 4 

Today we will start the horseback ride crossing awesome valleys. Pico Quemado means “burned pic” as this is an old mining industry area. Here you can see the remains of the past, when adventurers came to find gold here. We will ride through open areas of the endless steppe. Approx 5 hrs horse riding.


Day 5 

The horses will take us to the area in the Andes mountain range called Alto Chubut. We will continue being at an altitude of 1500 m. crossing the “Veranda” of Fitalancao and then across a secondary and very narrow valley.  Approx 5 hrs horse riding.


Day 6 

Today is the last day with the Argentinean Creole horses.  The path takes us to an immense landscape, with dry grass and big pampas areas. After that we will say farewell the horses and the baquianos and transfer to El Bolson. Approx 3 hrs horse riding.


Day 7 

A turbo-jet boat will take us across two lakes,  passing the immigration control. A warm welcome and a nice rest will be waiting for you in your exclusive cottage on the Island.


Day 8 

We will ride to the Azul Lake with its crystal clear waters and abundant fish life. After lunch we will horse ride on steep passes across the forest along the mountains passing through typical cold jungle.  Approx 6 hrs horse riding.


Day 9 

Today we horse ride close to "Segundo Corral" the last settlement close to the border. Then following the trail at the side of Puelo River just in direction to the Pacific Ocean, we will cross the Ventisqueros River. Approx 6 hrs horse riding.


Day 10 

Enjoy the remote and green landscape as we ride into the Ventisqueros valley where we will stop for lunch and relax. In the afternoon, the horse ride will get us to a little house where the owners are lodging us for 2 nights. Approx 7 hrs horse riding.


Day 11

A gentle horseback ride, crossing the river once more to join the other valley and approach the glacier. Later there is a chance to go for a walk around the area or simply relax with a glass of wine. Approx 4 hrs horse riding.


Day 12 

This morning the trail takes us across beautiful ancient forest. In the afternoon, we will see farmers working on their land, looking after the cattle and making a living through family agriculture. At the end of the day we will cross the river just as the locals do: on a public little motorboat with the horses swimming alongside. Approx 7 hrs horse riding.


Day 13 

For the last horse ride,  our horses will take us through the forest and along the Puelo River to the hamlet of Llanada Grande. From where we will drive to the ferry that will take us across Tagua Lake. The drive on to Puerto Varas follows the Reloncaví Fjord where you will enjoy the beautiful sight of the river's mouth flowing into the sea.  Approx 3 hrs horse riding.


Day 14 

Breakfast and transfer to the local airport.




If you require, we can assist you in both your arriving at Bariloche and your leaving Puerto Varas at the end of the tour. Flights in and out, or a bus back along a very scenic route can be arranged.

**We can also help organise tango shows, polo lessons, hotels, city tours, Iguazu Falls, airport pick ups in Buenos Aires and much more. **



Route from/to: From Bariloche, Argentina ending in Puerto Varas in Chile on the shore of the Pacific Ocean across the Andes.

Included: All full board meals (including 1 bottle of wine every 3 participants at dinner while riding), dinner at restaurants on 1, 6 and 13 nights (wine not included), local guides, baquianos or “Huasos” and tour leader (French & English), VHF radio communication equipment, saddle horses, packhorses, all In/out private group transfers, transportation by minibus & motor jet boats, ferry crossing.

Riding Difficulty: The trip is an exciting but not demanding one, though some days the terrain will be more demanding and difficult. Also some days will be longer than others, especially when we have to cover a particular distance. Lots of river crossings, which are great fun and allow riders to experience the local way of traveling. Some steep up hills and undulating terrain could turn just a bit more demanding if the weather is not good. This adventurous ride is an excellent way of managing lots of different terrain and being able to ride one of the toughest horse breeds in the world. Clients may canter on open ground, trot in the forest, or simply enjoy the ride at their own relaxing pace.

Guides: We believe that tour leaders are the key for a successful and memorable trip; we use only experienced guides with a great knowledge of the area. They are all friendly, great fun and highly passionate about the Puelo Valley. She or he would be able to be a step ahead to give you all the help and assistance in any unpredictable situation, ensuring the trip runs smoothly. Local Huasos or "Baquianos" will be there at any time to help with saddles, horses and to look after you; they are a great support for the whole group and they even have an amazing ability to predict the weather!