“We had a fantastic trip – wonderful country – wonderful people – a really good break – a proper holiday.” Paul 2017

The 2019 dates for the most incredible wildlife experience in South America – our Pantanal, Brazil ride are:

08 to 15 June 2019

19th to 26th June 2019

20 to 26 October 2019

On every tour we have seen the tapir (South America’s largest mammal), on all but one tour we have watched a jaguar, the giant anteater has been sighted close up on several days of every tour, the magnificent hyacinth macaw is a common sight here as are close up viewing of toucans and several other species of macaws, parrots… the cute capybaras abound as do the coati and the list goes on and on!

Since 2013 Ride Andes has been offering an absolutely unique safari, riding on between three very distinct lodgings in three different vegetational zones of the Pantanal.

For private groups we can also offer dates from mid May to late June and late September to mid October. Detailed research has found that these are the optimal dates in very short riding seasons.

The guide is everything on this type of tour and our bilingual local guide, brought up in the Pantanal is a passionate rider and wildlife guide.

Riders have greatly enjoyed the cattle work at the first ‘fazenda’ we stay at, alongside the skilled local horsemen.

For NON RIDERS, a host of other activities on offer – including bird watching with a specialist guide and sport fishing.




Ride Andes developed this route, very unusually for Pantanal rides, riding between three different locations.

For 2019, two date options for our incredible wildlife-packed Pantanal safari:

8th – 15th June

19th – 26th October


Non riders are very welcome - wildlife walks, bird watching with guides and other activities are organised.

Please contact us regarding bookings.

RIDE ANDES - Pantanal Wildlife Safari

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In case you want to find out more about the type of wildlife you might get to see on our horse trek safari.....



The Pantanal of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay is South America's Serengeti: its wetlands are the largest on earth (they're half the size of France) and, in the dry season, crocodiles and storks jostle to gobble the last of the dying fish. Here, the continent's largest cat, the jaguar, lives alongside giant otters, anacondas and the world's largest parrot. A comprehensive introduction to the best place to watch wildlife in South America, and beautifully illustrated throughout, Bradt's Pantanal Wildlife is the only portable book to cover all the main wildlife groups while focussing exclusively on the Pantanal. Bradt's fully illustrated wildlife guides focus on regions of the world particularly celebrated for their amazing and often unique species. With spectacular photography or exclusive water-colour drawings throughout, each visitors' guide provides an introduction to the region's principal flora and fauna alongside suggested wildlife itineraries, practical information on when to go and what to take and photography tips. Written in a deliberately engaging way, they offer something different from dry field guides, and will appeal to the interested layman as much as the wildlife devotee. Ideal as a lightweight companion to any wildlife trip they also make a handsome souvenir.




RIDE ANDES - Pantanal Safari

Ride Andes has teamed up with ‘Fazendas’ in the Pantanal and a very professional company in Sao Paulo to bring you this itinerary. The trip has been developed specifically for those who are looking for a great riding experience in Pantanal (accompanying non riders welcome –a lot of alternative activities). It is a totally customized ride, providing a unique experience: Pantanal’s vegetation, wildlife and culture. This is the only trip offering the opportunity of journeying on between 3 lodgings, riding through very diverse zones of the Pantanal.


RIDE ANDES - Brazil, great for non riders / part time riders

Our Brazil Pantanal safari is also great for those who don't ride, or don't want to ride everyday. There are lots of walks to do and boat rides, with a guide and nature

Riders and non-riders alike take boat trips, where it is possible to see mammals such as giant otters, capybaras and jaguar and many beautiful birds; kingfishers, skimmers, curacao etc).

Visit our Brazil page or contact us for more information. 

RIDE ANDES - Brazil, Pantanal. Open for 2018 bookings now

Brazil, Pantanal - Safari Ride 2018

Rides in June and October. Please email us for details.

Here are some photos from the first couple of days of the October 2017 ride...

RIDE ANDES - New for 2017 - Horseback Safari - Pantanal, Brazil


Wildlife Safari - Pantanal, Brazil

An incredible area for wildlife viewing and our ride is the equivalent of the African safari ‘big five’, with jaguars, tapirs, ant-eaters, hyacinth macaws…

ride andes horse trek safari brazil pantanal

The Ride Andes ride has been very specially designed and to our knowledge unique: journeying on between amazing lodgings. Most rides involve only circuit rides based around one location. The Ride Andes route takes riders to 3 locations or to 4 locations (the longer ride).

Ideal for non-riders - there are many other activities revolving arounds the wildlife watching and ranch activities.

Visit our Brazil page for more information.

RIDE ANDES - Join Sally 15th October 2017 on an amazing Brazilian safari !!

The Pantanal – south america’s version of the Africa big five safari with a wealth of fascinating animals and birds.

ride andes horse trek brazil safari pantanal

"Our Ride Andes trip to the Pantanal was completely fantastic. It combined beautiful horses, wonderful landscapes, knowledgeable guides, incredible wildlife - a real safari - and the opportunity for an exhilarating round-up! I cannot recommend it highly enough! " Nicola, UK. 

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