Chile has converted a staggering 11 million acres of land into protected national parks. 

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01/11/2018 to 07/11/2018  Huaso Trail  8 days / 7 nights

05/11/2018 to 18/11/2018  Andes Grande Traversée  14 days / 13 nights

11/11/2018 to 16/11/2018  Andean Crossing Ride  6 days / 5 nights

21/11/2018 to 26/11/2018  Andean Crossing Ride  6 days / 5 nights

Riders must check with us to reconfirm the situation before booking flights etc, in case of change in tour availability

RIDE ANDES - Upcoming rides with availability





26th September-6th October VOLCANOES & VISTAS

RIDE ANDES - Argentina Ride Review - a magical experience and BEST STEAK EVER :)

The most memorable meal was in Argentina while camping. It was the best steak I have ever tasted which was cooked on an open fire beside a river running with clear clean water over beautiful pebbles. The steak of course was from a Hereford! ( I work in Hereford and have eaten plenty of steak but this was by far the best).

We were really well fed at all the farms we stayed in - lovely home made bread, jam, butter and cakes. There were always scrambled eggs for breakfast from the farm hens as well as fruit, bread and sometimes yoghurt. Bernadita killed a turkey for us for our evening meal - no food miles there and all home produced.

The most challenging day was may be the day we were travelling to our first night in a house after camping (Argentina). There was a threat of snow in the morning as we set off, but fortunately this didn't materialise and I removed layers as the day went on- like peeling an onion!

We were so warmly greeted when we arrived at Dom and Tammy's farm was idyllic. It was set amongst short pasture on the bend of a river with the mountains all around. Built from logs and with open fires inside I expected Goldilocks and the three bears to appear at any moment.  We had a sumptuous tea with homemade cake and tea in china cups and that was before a delicious evening meal!

A favourite day is very hard to choose there were so many special days. One wonderful day we had in Chile was the day we first swam the horses across a river. I had never done anything like this before and we did it twice that day. The horses seemed to take it all in their stride. They were untacked and taken in pairs to the edge of the river. With a rope on each horse to guide them and a Banquero in the boat with the boatman, they were encouraged into the river. They were really good swimmers and just climbed out the other side and shook off the loose water. Once all horses and riders were across, they were allowed to graze for a short while to stock up on calories before being tacked up again and continuing on. It was a magical experience.

One memorable occassion was when we rode into one of the few villagers on the route. There were a couple of local men in their ponchos who stopped to chat to the guides. Even with my very limited Spanish I realised that the chap I was politely smiling at was looking for a wife! Being happily married for 33 years he was out of luck that day! But perhaps the most memorable moment was swimming at the end of The Universe. The water was REALLY cold but the weather was beautiful. The river was called the Universe and we swam where it met another river, hence being able to swim at the end of the Universe.

The local farms we stayed in were simple but lovely. Their charm came from their simplicity and their beautiful surroundings and the very practical solutions to problems. Rather than tiling the wooden walls around the bath / shower, lino was used which was cut just at the edge of the bath so that the water ran into the bath and not between it and the wall.

Everyone we met gave us such a warm welcome and we had lovely home grown and home cooked food. All had open fires or log burning stoves which were lovely and cosy on a chilly evening.

Sue, November

RIDE ANDES - Spaces available on our 27th Feb Andean Crossing Ride

Spaces available on:

Andean Crossing Ride, CHILE to ARGENTINA

 27FEB to 04MARCH 2017.

A lovely time of the year for this ride through the pristine Andes. No camping -staying in pioneers houses. Please email us for details.


RIDE ANDES - The Huaso Trail - 7 days / 6 nights this December

Ride with us along the pioneers’ route of plowing fields of the Puelo River Valley amidst the Andes. We offer a unique journey through Chilean Huaso culture. Enjoy the adventure and relaxation of an ancient way of life in the wild and pristine Patagonia.


We have spaces available for the 2nd - 8th of December tour. It will be a nice small group with a number of different parties. 

This is a beautiful circuit tour that really explores the Patagonian wilderness. Escape the Northern Hemisphere winter and join as at the most lovely time of year. 

RIDE ANDES - The magnificent Chilean Horse

Did you know that the Chilean Horse is the only American stock horse that has maintained a closed registry that has not been purposely crossed with any other breed before or after its formal registration started in 1893? Like many other Creole breeds across Latin America, the Chilean Creole is extremely strong. It has a low metabolism, a high threshold for discomfort, a great immunity to disease and a remarkable rate of recuperation. Their hooves are strong and their thick double hair coat makes them well suited for both cold and dry/hot weather. It is doubtful any other breed surpasses their productive energy level. Although abundant manes, tails and forelocks are characteristic of all Iberian breeds in the Americas, none can compare with the volume and thickness that typifies a good Chilean Creole specimen. 

All breeds of Iberian origin also have some incidence of semi-convex facial profiles, but the Chilean Creole breeders proudly state their preference for this characteristic. It is truly ironic that a breed like the Chilean Creole is virtually unknown to anyone outside of the meridian South America. The fact is that this breed is the oldest registered Creole breed, the oldest registered horse breed of South America, the oldest registered stock horse breed in all the Americas and the third oldest horse breed of any kind in all the Western Hemisphere. This "antiquity" comes from the fact that the Chilean Horse registry was officially inaugurated in 1893 when formalizing breed status was still a new concept in the Americas. The maximum stability in the huaso seat comes from pushing the heels down against the extended stirrups, while pressing the lower back against the cantle. It must be remembered that the allocation of weight in huaso equitation is balancing pressures in front and behind the centre of gravity, rather than concentrating all the weight distribution in a column over it. The modern Chilean saddles now offer more support for the body so that the rider can make these opposing pressures that secure his position in the unpredictable clashes with the pinned steer.


RIDE ANDES - Nights are closing in... the mornings are getting chilly....

Come and join us in Argentina and Chile this Summer !!!!

The following rides currently have spaces available, but will be snapped up quickly. Escape the Northern Hemisphere Winter Blues and join us for a Chilean summer adventure! 

7th - 20th November 2016: The Great Crossing, 14 days
19th - 26th December 2016: Puelo Ride, 8 days
3rd - 8th February 2017: Andes Crossing, 6 days
6th - 19th March 2017: The Great Crossing


RIDE ANDES - Argentina / Chile "Grand Traverse" November Spaces Available

We have spaces available on the 7th November 2016 GRAND TRAVERSE tour. 

Ride from Argentina to Chile, looking out for the mighty condor, eagles, foxes & deer. Stay on a private island and ride through the magnificent Patagonian wilderness. 

The Great Crossing, Argentina / Chile, 14 days

The Great Crossing, Argentina / Chile, 14 days


RIDE ANDES - Last minute availability - ACROSS THE ANDES

We have space on a trip ACROSS THE ANDES, Chile-Argentina

28th March to 2nd April 2016.

Across the Andes, Argentina

Across the Andes, Argentina

Starting in Puerto Varas (near Puerto Montt) and ending in Bariloche.

Please let us know if this interests you and we will send you more details – including options of how to get to the start point of the ride and, as always, travel notes including suggested packing lists.

We can also help with hotel bookings and other visits while in Chile & Argentina.