RIDE ANDES - URUGUAY 2018 - 2019 Dates Announced !!

Uruguay 2018-19 season dates for group departures:

Please visit our URUGUAY page for more information on the rides, or contact us if you have any enquiries. 


October: 16th to 22th

November: 13th to 19th

December: 11rd to 17th


February: 7th to 13th

March: 7th to 13th

April: 4th to 10th


RIDE ANDES - Ecuador, Upcoming Tours....

As well as private tours we have the following progressive group rides with spaces:


14th-24th June 2017 – LAST MINUTE!   Volcanoes & Vistas ride

5th-15th July 2017, Volcanoes & Vistas

29th July-18th August, FULL

6th-16th September 2017, Volcanoes & Vistas

23rd-30th September 2017, Colonial Haciendas

9th-19th December 2017, Volcanoes & Vistas

17th-24th December 2017, Colonial Haciendas new date, open for bookings

RIDE ANDES - Ecuador - Yellow Southern Grosbeak Bird

YELLOW SOUTHERN GROSBEAK (Pheucticus chrysogaster)

ride andes ecuador yellow southern grosbeak bird

The Yellow Southern Grosbeak (Golden-Bellied Grosbeak) is a species of Cardinal, mostly found in northwestern South America. For habitat, this Grosbeak prefers subtropical and tropical forests and shrub land. Visually, this bird is an olive-yellow, with slight variations of this color on its breast and crown and a black face. The wings are dark gray with white and yellow spots. The Yellow Southern Grosbeak lives in pairs or noisy flocks of up to 20 birds.  


Clare & Johanna galloping along the beach on the Emerald Coast ride, Uruguay...

ride andes uruguay horse tours beach riding


Private rides possible in April- of any number of days. The new season starts in October with plenty of space on the 24th October ride and a few spaces left on the 7th November departure.

We have seen whales on these Spring season tours and a huge number of birds, including flamingos.