RIDE ANDES - Volcanoes & Vistas, Ecuador - 6th September

A spectacular horseback riding tour journeying through the best of the Ecuadorian Andes... 

6th-16th September 2017

Volcanoes & Vistas tour Ecuador

Stunning scenery, riding over incredibly varied terrain,  traversing the fascinating scenic northern valleys & remote highlands –two very distinct areas of the Andes. We ride down into the cloud forest passing tropical fruits and coffee – a complete change of vegetation. The birdlife is amazing- from tiny hummingbirds to the great Andean Condor. 

Suitable for fit, experienced riders. This horse riding tour Includes a visit to the famous Otavalo market, stays at a working ranch, comfortable cottages in a local village & at a remote hamlet on an Inca trading route. 

“…We rode through awe inspiring scenery, through lush steep forests, rolling grasslands, past blue lakes, snowcapped volcanoes, through century old villages and farms to a picturesque village where time has stood still forever. We were humbled by the hospitality of the locals … Having had the opportunity to ride in many countries, this ride gets a ‘High Five’ recommendation from us.”  K & A, October 2015

RIDE ANDES - “Never will you want time to pass slower …” - Galapagos & more!!

“Never will you want time to pass slower …”

Galapagos Islands & other non-riding trips with Ride Andes:  A national British newspaper has published an article on one of the boats we have had the pleasure of working with for many years, booking 8 day cruises on this boat for single guests and also chartering this charming sailing boat for whole groups.

RIDE ANDES - Ecuador - As well as private tours we have the following confirmed progressive group rides with spaces:

3rd-10th June 2017

Colonial Haciendas confirmed,

  **1 female looking to share**


14th-24th June 2017

Volcanoes & Vistas ride confirmed.


5th-15th July 2017

Volcanoes & Vistas ride confirmed.


29th July-18th August, NO spaces.


6th-16th September 2017

Volcanoes & Vistas ride confirmed.


23rd-30th September 2017

Colonial Haciendas ride confirmed.


17th-24th December 2017

Colonial Haciendas NEW DATE

RIDE ANDES - Colonial Haciendas - New December date added

Join us this December on our Colonial Haciendas tour

New date just added:  17th-24th December 2017

RIDE ANDES - Colonial Haciendas 3 - 10 June - avoid single supplement

We have space on our June 3rd Colonial Haciendas ride and a lady looking for a room share, please email us if interested in joining this ride. Room share option if you wish, to avoid the single supplement charge.

ride andes horse trek colonial haciendas ecuador

RIDE ANDES - Latest Volcanoes & Vistas Reviews

“A five star ride combining 3 different areas, great horses and some excellent cultural engagement to… The horses were outstanding…Tostado [was] one of the best horses I’ve ever ridden on a horseback riding holiday.” Sue, 30th January 2017.

“What a wonderful holiday! So varied through the most beautiful mountain scenery and local villages. A great cultural insight into Ecuador as well as fantastic horses – sure footed, energetic and very honest and genuine. Excellent accommodation… The horses are well looked after and a pleasure to ride…” Steph, 30th January 2017.

RIDE ANDES - Spaces available - 14h June & 5th July - Volcanoes & Vistas - Ecuador

Spaces available

14th-24th June 2017 & 5th-15th July 2017

Volcanoes & Vistas ride


Suitable for fit, experienced riders. This horse riding tour Includes a visit to the famous Otavalo market, stays at a working ranch, comfortable cottages in a local village & at a remote hamlet on an Inca trading route. 

ride andes horse trek ecuador volcano

RIDE ANDES - Post riding treat!

After a riding tour, we can arrange a number of excellent trips for you and ‘non riding’ friends/family.

 For example Mashpi Lodge (pictured below and featured 3rd April on a BBC2 programme). Mashpi is a five star, luxurious cloud forest lodge, not far from Quito. This fascinating type of rain forest on the western slopes of the Andes, is an excellent extension after the riding, taking guests into very distinct vegetation. We also have simpler accommodation, options for every budget.

ride andes horse trekking ecuador south america cloud forest

RIDE ANDES - Chile Breaking News - 11 million acres of national parks

Chile has just converted a staggering 11 million acres of land into protected national parks!! 



Take advantage and enjoy Chile’s huge areas of national parks with Ride Andes.

The 2017-18 season starts 1st November and prices will be available shortly.

Our Pièce de résistance is a 14 day itinerary - Argentina to Chile, starting in the famous town of Bariloche, northern Patagonia – Sue participated last November, see her review below.

Sign up for a group ride -starting the first Monday of each month (November-March) or form your own group of friends/family for a private ride.

Here's Sue's Review.....

"The most memorable meal was in Argentina while camping. It was the best steak I have ever tasted which was cooked on an open fire beside a river running with clear clean water over beautiful pebbles…

We were really well fed at all the farms we stayed in - lovely homemade bread, jam, butter and cakes. There were always scrambled eggs for breakfast from the farm hens as well as fruit, bread and sometimes yoghurt…

The most challenging day was may be the day we were travelling to our first night in a house after camping (Argentina). There was a threat of snow in the morning as we set off, but fortunately this didn't materialise and I removed layers as the day went on- like peeling an onion!

We had to stop a couple of times because the pack horse had his load slip and then shed his load. It was a long day (8-9hrs) and we were all looking forward to a proper bed and a hot shower .... we arrived in glorious sunshine, any tiredness was forgotten. We were so warmly greeted by the lady of the house and their farm was idyllic. It was set amongst short pasture on the bend of a river with the mountains all around. Built from logs and with open fires inside I expected Goldilocks and the three bears to appear at any moment.  We had a sumptuous tea with homemade cake and tea in china cups and that was before a delicious evening meal!

A favourite day is very hard to choose there were so many special days. One wonderful day we had in Chile was the day we first swam the horses across a river. I had never done anything like this before and we did it twice that day. The horses seemed to take it all in their stride. They were untacked and taken in pairs to the edge of the river. With a rope on each horse to guide them and a baquiano [local horseman] in the boat with the boatman, they were encouraged into the river. They were really good swimmers and just climbed out the other side and shook off the loose water. Once all horses and riders were across, they were allowed to graze for a short while to stock up on calories before being tacked up again and continuing on. It was a magical experience.

One memorable occasion was when we rode into one of the few villagers on the route. There were a couple of local men in their ponchos who stopped to chat to the guides. Even with my very limited Spanish I realised that the chap I was politely smiling at was looking for a wife! Being happily married for 33 years he was out of luck that day! But perhaps the most memorable moment was swimming at the end of The Universe. The water was REALLY cold but the weather was beautiful. The river was called the Universe and we swam where it met another river, hence being able to swim at the end of the Universe.

The local farms we stayed in were simple but lovely. Their charm came from their simplicity and their beautiful surroundings and the very practical solutions to problems. Rather than tiling the wooden walls around the bath / shower, lino was used which was cut just at the edge of the bath so that the water ran into the bath and not between it and the wall.

Everyone we met gave us such a warm welcome and we had lovely home grown and home cooked food. All had open fires or log burning stoves which were lovely and cosy on a chilly evening." Sue (UK). 14 day itinerary, November 2017.



RIDE ANDES - Spaces available - 3rd to 10th June - Colonial Haciendas - Ecuador


Colonial Haciendas  3rd-10th June 2017

A horseback riding tour through spectacular scenery between Ecuador’s Historic country houses including routes and lodgings exclusive to Ride Andes. Riding in two stunningly beautiful, yet very distinct areas of the Andean highlands. Breath-taking views as we cross vast plains and ride through pastoral valleys in a fascinating region dramatically sculptured by both glacial and volcanic activity. We follow the ‘Avenue of Volcanoes’, skirting the towering, snow-capped peaks of Cayambe and Cotopaxi (the highest active volcano in the world) and wandering through the maze of patchwork fields below.

ride andes ecuador colonial haciendas view vista horse trek

RIDE ANDES - Join us in beautiful Ecuador, staying in unique, colonial haciendas

“Thanks for a great great week .. I loved all of it and felt very privileged to ride your lovely horses... It was a great route and all the places we stayed were special.”  

Harry, USA, Colonial Haciendas Tour, Dec 2016

Visit our DATES page for upcoming tours, and here for more detailed trip information

RIDE ANDES - Thanks to Rachel for her recent TripAdvisor review!

“Andean Adventure”

Reviewed 1 week ago

"Just back from a fantastic 8 days riding in the Zuleta Valley and the Cotopaxi National Park with Sally, her assistant Clairy, chagra Patricio and 3 other guests. Simply the best riding adventure I have ever had. Interesting, forward-going and responsive horses, amazing variety of scenery and riding, interesting and varied accommodation, fine food and great company!"

And here's a link to some of our guests' great photos on TripAdvisor

RIDE ANDES - Spaces available 14th - 24th June - Volcanoes & Vistas, Ecuador


14th-24th June 2017

Volcanoes & Vistas ride

“What a wonderful holiday! So varied through the most beautiful mountain scenery and local villages. A great cultural insight into Ecuador as well as fantastic horses – sure footed, energetic and very honest and genuine. Excellent accommodation… The horses are well looked after and a pleasure to ride…”

Steph, Volcanoes and Vistas ride. 30th January 2017.

RIDE ANDES - Photos from 'La Finca' ride

Enjoying a ride during a stay at 'La Finca' ...

Here you can enjoy 2 or more days riding based near Cayambe snow-capped peak (in the distance).
We have horses available for all levels of riding ability.
This is also one of the routes on Colonial Haciendas ride.

RIDE ANDES - Pedregal, Ecuador - 13 on the New York Times 52 places to go


This is located at the edge of Cotopaxi, where we ride on all our tours!! 

'Join us on private or set date tour in this stunning area close to Cotopaxi national park. ' 

RIDE ANDES - Pedregal, Ecuador in the New York Times places to go in 2017

Riding to a very comfortable Hacienda in Pedregal today when we leave Cotopaxi national park after a day of fast paced riding. Tomorrow we will ride into a hidden valley in the Ruminahui foothills where we often spot condors and wild horses at the cliff base.

Ride Andes Pedregal ecuador cotopaxi horse trek new york times places to go 2017

RIDE ANDES - Spaces available on our 27th Feb Andean Crossing Ride

Spaces available on:

Andean Crossing Ride, CHILE to ARGENTINA

 27FEB to 04MARCH 2017.

A lovely time of the year for this ride through the pristine Andes. No camping -staying in pioneers houses. Please email us for details.


RIDE ANDES - La Finca, Ecuador. Flexible dates, flexible riding...

Add a stay with us at 'La Finca' , in the northern sierras not far from the
famous Otavalo market to your Ecuador trip, flexible dates, flexible riding.
We have horses for advanced riders and for beginner riders.

RIDE ANDES - New URUGUAY tours for 2017

Coming very soon- from March 2017- NEW Uruguay tours. 7 day set date tours
and 2 or more day rides for private groups. Riding along the pristine
beaches, around lagoons and through palm groves. Journeying on through very
varied scenery between charming lodges, some tour options with camping.  No
driving at all during the rides. Watch this space or contact us now for more

ride andes horse trek uruguay boat