RIDE ANDES - Volcanoes & Vistas

Riding into a hidden Andean Valley yesterday at the end of the 10 day Volcanoes & Vistas tour here in Ecuador, having ridden through a huge variety of areas, including into the cloud forest.

"I had a great time in Ecuador and enjoyed very much the variety of landscape, terrain, accommodations, food and horses!" Sandra, 6 December 2017, V&V tour, Ecuador.

Volcanoes & Vistas - 21st-31st January 2017 spaces available

Also tours with spaces available later in the year. Dates are available here

RIDE ANDES - Indulgent Colonial Haciendas - The perfect honeymoon or romantic getaway

Luxury Haciendas, Ecuador  

3 Days and up   

Private horseback riding tour

  •  enjoy 5* luxury 
  •  journey through spectacular scenery between Ecuador’s historic country houses
  • this ride can be adapted in length and content to suit the wishes of each individual group. Ideal for groups with ‘part time / non riders’ and for families or those looking for a romantic and indulgent break. 

RIDE ANDES - 'La Finca' - Tailor made short trips in Ecuador for riders & non-riders

Join us in Ecuador for our La Finca centre based rides ( & NON RIDES!).

From La Finca there are a variety of circuit rides covering different terrain and of different lengths, allowing us to tailor the rides to our guests' requirements. Some routes lead us up  into the surrounding hills, providing breath-taking views over the valleys below us or of the snow-capped peaks, the closest of which is Cayambe. Other routes wind along wide grassy trails, through conifer forests, and past some of the local hamlets, allowing for some faster paced riding. 

La Finca is very flexible to both riders and non-riders. While some guests are riding there is the option for half and full day trips that can include walking, hiking, bird watching, visits to local markets, mountain biking and trips to Cayambe Volcano. 

Visit the La Finca page on our website for more details or contact us. 

RIDE ANDES - A wonderful time in Uruguay....

Visit https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g294308-d1454121-r436780673-Ride_Andes-Quito_Pichincha_Province.html# to read the latest Trip Advisor review about the wonderful time we've just had in beautiful Urugay. - Thanks Eddy, we look forward to seeing you again! 

RIDE ANDES - The Huaso Trail - 7 days / 6 nights this December

Ride with us along the pioneers’ route of plowing fields of the Puelo River Valley amidst the Andes. We offer a unique journey through Chilean Huaso culture. Enjoy the adventure and relaxation of an ancient way of life in the wild and pristine Patagonia.


We have spaces available for the 2nd - 8th of December tour. It will be a nice small group with a number of different parties. 

This is a beautiful circuit tour that really explores the Patagonian wilderness. Escape the Northern Hemisphere winter and join as at the most lovely time of year. 

RIDE ANDES - The magnificent Chilean Horse

Did you know that the Chilean Horse is the only American stock horse that has maintained a closed registry that has not been purposely crossed with any other breed before or after its formal registration started in 1893? Like many other Creole breeds across Latin America, the Chilean Creole is extremely strong. It has a low metabolism, a high threshold for discomfort, a great immunity to disease and a remarkable rate of recuperation. Their hooves are strong and their thick double hair coat makes them well suited for both cold and dry/hot weather. It is doubtful any other breed surpasses their productive energy level. Although abundant manes, tails and forelocks are characteristic of all Iberian breeds in the Americas, none can compare with the volume and thickness that typifies a good Chilean Creole specimen. 

All breeds of Iberian origin also have some incidence of semi-convex facial profiles, but the Chilean Creole breeders proudly state their preference for this characteristic. It is truly ironic that a breed like the Chilean Creole is virtually unknown to anyone outside of the meridian South America. The fact is that this breed is the oldest registered Creole breed, the oldest registered horse breed of South America, the oldest registered stock horse breed in all the Americas and the third oldest horse breed of any kind in all the Western Hemisphere. This "antiquity" comes from the fact that the Chilean Horse registry was officially inaugurated in 1893 when formalizing breed status was still a new concept in the Americas. The maximum stability in the huaso seat comes from pushing the heels down against the extended stirrups, while pressing the lower back against the cantle. It must be remembered that the allocation of weight in huaso equitation is balancing pressures in front and behind the centre of gravity, rather than concentrating all the weight distribution in a column over it. The modern Chilean saddles now offer more support for the body so that the rider can make these opposing pressures that secure his position in the unpredictable clashes with the pinned steer.


RIDE ANDES - Colonial Haciendas tour update


The Colonial Haciendas January 7th ride is now full. You can still join us on this ride with amazing accommodation on February 11th, or later next year. Contact us for more details. 

RIDE ANDES - Volcanoes & Vistas update

The 27th November - 7th December Volcanoes & Vistas tour is now full. Perhaps you can join us on this fabulous ride on January 21st or February 18th or after June? 

The 21st - 31st of January ride has one female rider willing to share with another female rider, so there will be no single supplement to pay. Please contact us for more details. 

RIDE ANDES - Upcoming Ecuador rides with spaces left - BOOK NOW

We only take small groups on all of our rides, these all have a maximum of 8 riders and are booking up fast: 


27th November-7th December VOLCANOES & VISTAS 

24th-31st December COLONIAL HACIENDAS 

7th-14th January COLONIAL HACIENDAS 

1st-31st January VOLCANOES & VISTAS 

4th-11th February ANDEAN ADVENTURE


RIDE ANDES - Ecuador center based ride - great for families, beginners, or if you're short of time!

'La Finca', Cayambe: for pre tour 'derust' rides & centre based options close to the Zuleta Valley - ideal for families, beginners & 2 or 3 day rides. 

Contact us for more information 

RIDE ANDES - Space available January Volcanoes & Vistas Tour - incl. no single supplement

21st - 31st January 2017

Volcanoes and Vistas Ecuador ride

If you think you're going to be sick of the cold mornings and dark nights by January, come and join us in the Southern hemisphere! We have some spaces left for the 21st January Volcanoes & Vistas horse riding tour, including one place without a single supplement fee - please contact us for details. 

RIDE ANDES - Uruguay Emerald Coast 2017 dates announced

Join us in 2017 on the beautiful Uruguayan Emerald Coast for great beach and trail riding. 

4th - 11th March

1st - 8th April

11th - 18th November

25th Nov – 2nd December

RIDE ANDES - Honeymoon Specials



We have many tailor made tours that make an incredible honeymoon experience, with a vast choice of accommodation – from five star historic haciendas, estancias in the heart of gaucho country to remote mountain lodges.

Please contact us to request more details.

RIDE ANDES - Upcoming tours: BOOK NOW !!!

Volcanoes & Vistas, Ecuador    -    21st-31st January 2017

Andean Adventure, Ecuador   -     4th-11th February 2017






RIDE ANDES - NEW Andean Adventure Ride for 2017

We are delighted to be able to offer our brand new Andean Adventure Itinerary for 2017. Click here for more information and the detailed trip dossier. 

Here are the dates for the tour:

4th-11th February Andean Adventure

4th-11th March Andean Adventure

18th-25th March Andean Adventure

From 18th April to end of May: private rides possible.

3rd-10th June Andean Adventure

22nd-29th July Andean Adventure

19th-26th August Andean Adventure

23rd-30th September Andean Adventure

7th -14th October Andean Adventure

18th-25th November Andean Adventure

RIDE ANDES - Nights are closing in... the mornings are getting chilly....

Come and join us in Argentina and Chile this Summer !!!!

The following rides currently have spaces available, but will be snapped up quickly. Escape the Northern Hemisphere Winter Blues and join us for a Chilean summer adventure! 

7th - 20th November 2016: The Great Crossing, 14 days
19th - 26th December 2016: Puelo Ride, 8 days
3rd - 8th February 2017: Andes Crossing, 6 days
6th - 19th March 2017: The Great Crossing


RIDE ANDES - SPACES AVAILABLE - 4th-11th February Ecuador Andean Adventure

 Thanks for a great great week .. I loved all of it and felt very privileged to ride your lovely horses... It was a great route and all the places we stayed were special.” Amanda, July 2016.

Contact us for more information on this really special ride. We have a few spaces available for the February tour. 

RIDE ANDES - The Magnificent Andean Condor

ride andes horse trek ecuador andean condor


(Vultur gryphus)

The Andean Condor is the national bird of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador and is very culturally important to South America. In folklore and Andean mythology, the Condor is associated with the sun god and is a symbol for the Andes. This magnificent bird has the largest wingspan of any land bird (up to 3.2 m or 10.5 ft. The sea albatross has a wider wingspan). The Condor also has the distinctions of being a bird that mates for life, has only 1 or 2 offspring and can live up to 100 years in captivity. While the Condor is primarily a scavenger, it has received a bad reputation for feeding on livestock and many indigenous farmers see the bird as a pest. The recent conservation efforts have really paid off and the Condor population is on the increase. During the last few years, the Andean Condor has been seen regularly on all of the Ride Andes itineraries, and is almost guaranteed on the Cotopaxi Adventure tour.