Ride Andes - ANTISANA Volacano, the most challenging climb in the Andes

Antisana is a stratovolcano (multiple vented volcano) situated between the Napo and Pinchincha provinces of the northern Andes in Ecuador. The name Antisana is a Quechua word, which translates to “man of wind and snow” and refers to the fact that all four of the volcano’s peaks are covered in deep, blue tinted glaciers. The glaciers atop Antisana are active (shifting), and the prevalence of ice faces and crevasses make Antisana one of the more challenging climbs in the Andes. Antisana’s most recent eruption was in 1776 and at 5,704 metres (18,714 ft), it is the fourth tallest volcano in Ecuador. Located 50 kilometres (31 mi) southeast of Quito, we ride in the foothills of Artisana for the Volcanoes & Vistas tour and the Cotopaxi Adventure tour.

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