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Horse Riding Holiday | Horseback Riding Vacations Ecuador

Historic Haciendas, Remote Farmhouses, Hidden Valleys, Arid Andean Plains, Colourful Markets...


CATTLE ROUNDUPS, a very special event in the Ecuadorian farming year. January: 6 day roundup, September: 2 day roundup (combined with Cotopaxi Adventure ride).

Riders join the local cowhands in the hills to bring the cattle down into the corrals. Note: the cattle are very feisty therefore tour open to very experienced and confident riders only, ready for challenging riding.

Please request further details.

ECUADOR: TOURS SUMMARY 2013 (please request dates and details for 2014).

www.rideandes.com offers a variety of riding trips of one or more days, for all levels of riding abilities in several areas of the Ecuadorian Andes.

Riders do not need to take care of their horse and will be accompanied by an expert bilingual guide & local horseman. We can arrange every aspect of your stay in Ecuador – starting with meeting you at the airport.

The scheduled departures (8 & 11 day tours) are open to experienced riders only -‘able to ride comfortably and in control at all paces a reasonably trained horse in open ground’. Riders are met in Quito (Please see below and also request the detailed itineraries.)

The private rides of any length, for any riding ability are adapted in length and pace to suit the riders. (Please request the 8 day itineraries and/or the SHORT TOURS document). INCLUDE the one centre based ride and tours journeying on between the highland haciendas.

The luxury ‘five star hacienda’ tour is a very special tour between the most prestigious historic haciendas, for private groups, adapted in length and content to suit guests wishes. (Please request details).

Riding instruction: can be given

Additional activities: Quito hotels & city tours, Spanish language lessons, salsa dancing lessons. PLUS Galapagos Island cruises, Amazon rain forest visits, bird watching. (Please request the QUITO hotels and activities document and the EXTENSIONS document for more details.)


Two 8 day itineraries (see below) are offered as set date departures (and as private rides): Colonial Haciendas and Cotopaxi Adventure. The second tour involves more challenging riding and with more basic accommodation than the first tour. The new 11 day itinerary Volcanoes & Vistas is a combination of parts of both tours plus takes in the Antisana foothills.

The ride cost is fully inclusive and details of dates, tour content and availability can be found on the website (www.rideandes.com) or by request (rideandes@rideandes.com). Tel: +593 99 738 221 • E-mail: rideandes@rideandes.com

2 Options for non riders accompanying the group are available & we have some excellent tour options for families with children of all ages.

Journey between the COLONIAL HACIENDAS (CH), set date/private.

Set date departure (intermediate level or above) or private ride. 7 days riding.

TOUR SUMMARY: Varied paced riding – with plenty of opportunities for long canters, on top quality horses in two stunning yet very distinct areas of Ecuador in the heart of the Andes. Each day we ride on to another stunning location. We start the ride on grassy tracks between the patchwork fields of the beautiful Andean valleys of the northern highlands and end the ride with long canters across the arid plains in the national park just below the magnificent snow-capped Cotopaxi Volcano. The tour now includes the wild Andean ‘paramo’ grasslands. Guests stay at and visit a wonderful selection of different historic haciendas – some founded by the early Spanish settlers in the 1600s and one incorporates Inca walls – also included is a stay at a working farm. Other visits along the way include market visits and visits to a rose plantation and a weaving centre. Meeting point is in the capital of Ecuador (Quito) - guests are met at Quito international airport.

Accommodation: very comfortable, character-filled locations, private bathrooms.

Price per person: USD2845. Option of single room.


Set date departure (intermediate level or above) or private ride. 7 days riding.

A ride for fit riders capable of riding in a multitude of challenging terrain and spending long days in the saddle.

A circuit of the perfectly conical, snow-capped Cotopaxi volcano, through breathtaking, wild open country including Cotopaxi National Park and seldom-visited open plains high in the Andes. A chance of seeing the Andean wildlife (the mighty Andean condor among other raptors, high altitude hummingbirds, foxes and deer) as we cross a variety of scenery including rugged passes, barren, luna-like landscapes and rolling, grassy hills. The pace is varied, including plenty of chances for long canters across the wilderness sculpted into intriguing landscapes by the glacial retreat, followed by the volcanic activity. On some days we ride along old Inca routes, on others we pass by adobe cottages and patchwork fields farmed by the charming and very friendly local people. Nights are spent in a wonderful mixture of haciendas and farmhouses, built of adobe with thatched roofs, original Inca stone and even a very comfortable lodge built of straw bales covered with adobe.

Meeting point is in the capital of Ecuador (Quito) -guests are met at Quito international airport.

Accommodation: stunning locations, 2 per room, option private bathrooms (most nights) & single room (limited availability).

Price per person: USD1995. Option of single room.

SHORTER VERSIONS of both the above tours are possible – riding on between the Colonial Haciendas ad/or local inns/lodges. Please request details.

VOLCANOES & VISTAS: A JOURNEY THROUGH THE ECUADORIAN ANDES. – an 11 day tour, combining guests’ favourite routes & lodgings.

Set date departure (intermediate level or above) or private ride. 10 days riding.

A challenging route journeying on through incredibly varied terrain including fast paced riding across the arid plains alongside the wild horses of Cotopaxi national park. Suitable for fit, experienced riders. No camping necessary, overnights include charming ‘haciendas’ in out-of-the-way locations.

11 day itinerary, 10 days riding. Meeting point: Quito.

Price per person: USD2835. Option of single room.

As well as the above three rides being available for private groups (7 & 11 days riding), we have the following short options for private groups:

Ride to an idyllically located inn on the edge of Cotopaxi national park: ONE CENTRE rides, 2 or more days.

Suitable for all riding abilities (we vary the route depending on riding ability). Possible to arrange a ride all year round. Riding instruction possible. Departure from Quito.

Day 1: Ride to an idyllically located mountain inn/hacienda. Then various options for more days riding. Varied paced & terrain. 2 or more days, available all year. Can include circuit ride on the plains of Cotopaxi national park -seeing the wild horses. Please request details.

ONE DAY RIDES, in the Antisana foothills, close to Quito.

Departure from Quito. Suitable for all riding abilities (we vary the route depending on riding ability). Possible to arrange a ride all year round. Riding instruction possible. Please request details.

Upon booking, Ride Andes will provide guests with travel notes, including a packing list and all possible assistance in preparing for their trip.


In this incredibly diverse country, a wide range of trips to complement the ride are on offer: Galapagos Islands, Amazon rain forest, Cuenca, hot springs/spa, cloud forest…

Ride Andes

PLEASE REQUEST more details concerning options available.

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