The Galapagos Islands are wonderful and unique. We believe the best way to see as much as possible is an 8 day cruise (4 to 6 day cruises can also be arranged if you are pushed for time)  unless you, or someone in your group know you suffer from sea sickness. In that case, there are some great hotels on several of the islands, so an ‘island hopping’ itinerary can be arranged.

The islands are lovely all year, however, during September to mid October  the seas can be very rough.

It is best to book far in advance as boat spaces are limited, particularly over holiday periods (Christmas, July & August…)

There are large cruise type boats (usually 40-90 passengers) and smaller boats for 16 passengers. I recommend a smaller boat, but there are also some excellent larger boats that we can book for you. 

We always recommend a first class boat or superior tourist boat so you have on first class boat windows (not just portholes), a double or twin beds, not bunk beds, larger deck areas etc. 

 Flights to the Galapagos Islands can be arranged as well as airport pickups back on the mainland, and any additional arrangements you may have.

Please contact us with any of your Galapagos related queries.